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Brno has a rich multicultural history and despite the ethnic “clear out“ after the WWII now you can meet plenty foreign students here and again also expats who chose Brno for their new home. Babylonfest is a proof, which introduces culture and traditions of exotic minorities living here.

This year of the festival staged a photo exhibition, music and literature workshop, discussion program with documentary screening, plenty concerts, national costume parades, social event and popular planting of national trees, which always symbolically launches the festival. Almost 3000 excited spectators have been acquainted with Bulgarian, Vietnamese, Croatian, Hungarian, German, Polish, Roman, Russian, Slovakian and Ukrainian minorities.

Babylonfest introduces Brno neighbours coming from the entire world to the Czech majority. It also represents a unique opportunity for the minorities to meet, present their customs and traditions and allows them to integrate better in the community. Locals, on the other hand, benefit from broadening their horizons and being enriched by other cultures without having to leave the city. Therefore, the event is not mere fun, which it overlaps considerably in a social and humane way. We already cannot wait for the next year.