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A kaleidoscopic mix of musical experiences. That’s Brno’s Babylonfest!

Enjoy a six-day free trip to eleven countries. Come to Brno and meet Bulgarians, Vietnamese, Croats, Hungarians, Germans, Poles, Roma, Russians, Greeks, Slovaks and Ukrainians. Get to know their culture through dance, song, national costumes, customs, discussions and meetings.

Babylonfest mirrors the various ethic influences through which “foreigners” settled in Brno enrich our lives. We could categorise the festival as “ethno” or “world music”, which basically means that you don’t have to travel the world – it’s living right here beside you. In the city of Brno, members of many national minorities and ethnic groups live side by side. Thanks to which you can learn plenty about many countries’ cultures without having to spend loads on travel; just come on a voyage of discovery to Brno – it’s free. At Babylonfest.

Already in its 11th year, from 18–22 September the festival will be offering a genuinely kaleidoscopic mix of experiences. Once again, you can look forward to the festival’s traditional launch with planting the trees of the nations, or the Podoby hudby (Forms of Music) concert, starring representatives of Brno’s living minorities. In the moderated discussion They Live Among Us, you will be presented with their life stories, focusing particularly on their arrival in the Czech Republic. Also sure to be fascinating are the musical and literary workshops being run by the Ukrainian Initiative in Brno, German Cultural Society of Brno, and the Bulgarian ensemble Pirin.

Babylonfest, which is organised under the auspice of Mayor Petr Vokřál by the Committee for National Minorities of the Brno City Council, in co-operation with the organisations of the national minorities and TIC BRNO, will culminate on Saturday, 22 September on Moravian Square. Here, the colourful parade through town will link up with dance and music performances representing the cultures of many lands.

Ще се видим! Na viděnou! Vidimo se! Látlak! Bis bald! Do zobaczenia! Dikhaha amen! Увидимся! Σας βλέπω! Dovidenia! Побачимось!